Monday, June 21, 2010


We all have good days and bad days, and today was just one of those days.
Over the past 2 year, I have slowly withdrawn myself from many many people, to the point where I think I lack a social life. It never used to be an issue for me. I had many friends, but few who were true, and that was all okay for me because I had J. I'm so thankful to have J in my life. But now that he's all the way across the world, it's a whole different thing. I've tried reviving my social life and going out with friends, but oddly when I do, I the quietest one who just sits there and listens, and secretly wishes she was home instead. J always encourages me to go out more with people, but after making my lifestyle this year for more than 2 years now, it's kinda hard.

Only 53 more days till J comes home =/

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